Tuesday, July 3, 2007

First Week Of FY 2008

A good start to the new year. Although the market fell slightly, my portfolio was up a few k. Nice. Today looks like it is even better but it is still morning, too early to tell. My resolution for the new fin yr is to remind myself of some important rules I should take note.

******** Trading Is Simply A Nos Game ******** Nobody Rings A Bell At The Top ******** It's Ok To Take Profit Too Soon ******** You Never Lose Taking A Profit ******** Zig When The Lemmings Zag ******** When In Doubt Get Out/Hedge ********

The share market have had a stellar 2007, following 3 bullish yrs. This yr may see new highs but you should be cautious at all times and take proper measures to be not overly exposed.

On a separate note, AUD has hit 86c, the highest we have been in a long time. Great for a holiday:D

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