Thursday, July 5, 2007

Making Money Online?

I like reading personal blogs but never thought of having one myself until some time ago. My reasons here . Lately, I have seen lots trying to get on the 'making $$ from blogs' bandwagon and I wonder whether it is as lucrative as it is made out to be .

I investigated further to find that one doesn't earn that much really unless you are one of those online marketing 'moguls'. For Asian stay at home mums, they may be satisfied with the pocket money they earn in USD but to command USD 10k a mth requires an astute knowledge of how internet marketing works in this already saturated environment. Researching and learning the tech stuffs is not how I wish to use my time as that is not where my interest lies. This is not to say I may not venture down this track in future if I chanced upon a good $$ making idea but right now, I will concentrate on making money online my way.

I firmly believe in loving what you do, in being a master of something rather than being jack of all freaking trades. I reckon the former will most definitely get you out of the 99% of the population much quicker, don't ya agree?

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