Friday, June 22, 2007

Life's Choices

Time and again, I like to reflect on the decisions and choices I've made over the years which have brought me here right to this very moment. Having an enduring loving relationship, good health and financial well being. Abundance in all aspects of our lives. What more can one ask for?

Sometimes though when I am in a fun mood, I wish I am in wonderland and have this magical book which would show me where I am now had I've taken a different path in life. I suppose I have watched too many movies.:)

As 'fate' would have it(if I still believe in fate) I chose to go out that very day at the urging of a friend many moons ago and was introduced to C by him when we met C at a shopping complex. That turned out to be the ultimate decision of my life. If I had stayed home, I would never have known C and everything would be entirely different.

Would I be as free and as happy? Would I be married to someone else? If so, would I be coerced into having kids when I ain't ready and be stuck in the doldrums? :P Or would I have a
filthy rich hubby and still be content in my marriage? I think the odds to that would be 9999:1.:D Intriguing! Call it fate or destiny or coincidence ,whatever you want.

My current belief system has changed. I no longer believe our lives were mapped out the moment we were born. What comes into your life, you
unconsciously attract it. I now know I can create my reality however I want it to be. Although my money consciousness is up high on the list, I wouldn't swap C for all the money in the world. I have changed a lot over the yrs but one thing still remains the same. A happy satisfying relationship ranks well in front. A hubby who doesn't restrict my pursuits and interests , offer me utmost understanding and support, handle my 'tantrums' and don't mind my quirks. :D That's my C. The green is very lush and green at this side, thanks. :)

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”-Carl Jung

I can only remember vividly 2 impt things my granddad ever said to me. We were not close to him as kids and he passed on when I was in my teens. A pity he didn't live longer so I can pick his brain on wealth accumulation. What I have learned, are all from books and I am grateful I was an avid reader of all things financial in my 20s.

My grandfather was a secluded man whose only real concern was accumulating a fortune, never lived life, stayed miserly til the day he died and left his millions only to his male
off springs(well, what'd you expect a financial illiterate do with an inheritance? Squander it, that's for sure). In my opinion, any one who leaves their millions to their kids without teaching them the finer points of wealth management is plain stupid and I have no respect for those who only consider males their children.

Ok, back to what grandpa said. 'Without money, love will fly out the window". I suspect he told me this cos he was informed I had hooked up with C.

Now being an adult myself, I do feel this is one common sense advice you give to young
ppl. Parents naturally want the best for their children. They want you to pick the right partner, the one who can offer you the best and give you a good life. Well, my old fashion parents thought the first real bf you have, you'd wed him. To be honest, I truly detested them for opposing my relationship with C then . Now, I am somehow grateful cos I don't know if I would have stuck to C and ended up being his wife and having my life now the way I want it to be, if not for their strong opposition.

I was around 17 , just started seeing C and rebellious. And yeah, do you think I would listen to grandpa? I'd fully witnessed how unhappy my aunt(
god mom) was, being married to a man of money and power but had to endure infidelity and mental abuse through out her married life. I told myself that I didn't want a mega rich hubby. I can imagine all the gold digging sluts shaking their head now..tsk tsk.

Although C may be the 'bad boy'(not at all the studious type,
spiky tinted hair....), I saw potential in him. I liked his initiative and knew we could make something out of our future if he ended up being my life partner. One more thing..hehe....C didn't need grooming tips back those days. Being the fashionable M during my younger days, nerdy guys who didn't know how to dress properly turned me off. Call me superficial ,eh!

I realise now I'd shaped my current reality by the decisions I made over the yrs.

The other thing my grandpa said when I asked how to become rich like him. I was maybe 15 at the time. He said, making the first million is the hardest, mentioning something about making 1$ into 2$ and into $4 etc. This bit is a fuzzy. I don't think he was stressing on the importance of compounding, though. Making the rest is easier, he told me.

And don't I agree, it took us too long in my book. If I had been more goal oriented and less complacent we'd have gotten here faster. Nevertheless, Grandpa, if you are alive now, I will now say to you, "we have reached the first milestone". I don't care if you don't give a f**k since I am only the disregardable granddaughter
but I'd love to see your reaction all the same.

Life decisions that people
have to make are never simple.
The importance of the initial decision
should always be examined over the long run.
Memories made and cherished are
sure to
be tempered along the way.
Consider the following two choices...

Should I get a Dog ...

..or have children?

Your children are not your children; they are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself...
They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.- K Gibran

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