Monday, July 9, 2007

Vision Cheque

Thanks to AhPek for his brief intro of my new blog . The kind gesture is much appreciated. I found his website after reading about the Nuffnang event (gathering of M'sian bloggers). To clear the confusion regarding Oz's financial yr (FY), our financial yr ends on June 30 and a new one begins on July 1. This is when everyone starts preparing to submit their income tax returns for the yr. Hence, after June, the new FY is now 2008.

Speaking of FY, here's the vision cheque I wrote, Oct last yr. Ppl who know the secret use the cheque for whatever they desire, lottery, boats, cars, mansions.... but my needs are rather simple :) I have everything I need right now. So I wrote only 2 cheques. The other one for C, of course. My cheque was to command a certain income from my shares, a figure which I deemed achievable. Suffice to say I was totally thrilled with the result. And C had an exceptional yr too. :D

Ppl may use the cheques for winnings from lotteries but my sensible mind tells me we need to use some logic when we use a vision cheque, if you catch my drift.

Confucius said" Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time."

Anyway, the vision cheque is one of those things on my fun list so don't you take it too seriously! I have yet to write a new one for this FY. :)

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