Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Tenant

Our tenant wrote us via our property manager that we consider the rent we raised for her lease renewal. On top of claiming she has been a great tenant and loves living there, she complained about the condition of the property to try get us lower the rent.

This lady has been renting the place for several yrs. The past yr, due to the property boom, the rent has increased but cos she was on a longer term lease and we cannot put up the rent, she has been paying much lower rent. Thus, when her lease was due beginning of the yr, C changed her lease to half yearly and upped the rent in accordance with the market rate. Recently it was due for another renewal and another increase.

We decided to reduce the final rent by $10 per week. C came home from work and I asked him if he'd informed the property manager yet. He said yes, less 10 bucks and still 6 months' lease. I was like, huh, she said she wanted a longer lease, so, me kinda expecting her to kick a fuss asking for cheaper rent or not renewing at all...... I was surprised when C said, she's accepted the new lease straightaway. Hmmm.....

I always leave negotiations to C. He knows how to deal with ppl . He ain't soft like me.:(

Later, we saw the paper's headline, " Rent to soar another $100 next yr". :D

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