Monday, June 11, 2007

What a week!

What a bumpy ride, the past week's been. China sneezed again. Dow held its ground but eventually midweek saw it subsided due to interest rate hike concerns. Our market followed suit and ended down around 180 pts from the week's high. I have some hedging in place but should have added on more when some of my stocks were powering to their highs as I have been expecting a pullback for weeks now.
Anyway,I am not too fazed as I expect to have the opportunity to do it when the market resumes trading this week. I am actually hoping for a correction, a mid term slack bringing the stocks back to a better entry level would be nice and will definitely be a great start for financial yr 2008.

Gold retreated as expected. Will consider an entry if it rebounds ok. Thursday, went long a small position in USD/CHF. Entered at 1.2235. At time of writing, USD is trading 1.2366.

In the process of setting up a gearing facility for C for the purpose of prepaying interest for fin yr 2007 to reduce his tax liability for this yr and looking to acquire some good stocks for a longer term portfolio. Market correction plzzzz....

Also placed an order for a new digital cam . Did some thorough research and chose to get the new Sony ultra compact with 5x movie zoom mode instead of a Canon. Has its pros and cons but most sites gave ok reviews with cnet giving it one of its better ratings. Btw, I haven't even seen an actual one in the shops, just ordered it solely based on the sites' & customers' reviews. I hope the design and size won't pose a prob for us taking good snaps. It's small and cool and can easily live inside my handbag and light enough to carry around. When on hols, this tiny T100 can conveniently to be slipped in C's pocket. I am just going be a hobbyist photographer not a pro so I don't need a dslr which is too bulky. Contemplated whether I should wait to get one in Kl as price will surely be few hundred rm cheaper but decided I don't wanna wait so long for it. It currently retails here for aud $749. I shopped around and found a good deal.

Greed is good-Gordon Gekko :P

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