Thursday, June 28, 2007

At Two Minds

We have a block of land for about 2 yrs now which we plan to build a nice home and stay put. That was around the time we shifted to our current property that I'd designed according feng shui principles and got a project builder to build for us. It wasn't an easy job to find a good house plan which was appropriate for improvisation to fit in with feng shui. That quest was finally completed and we are now living comfortably in this cosy home.

Our intention was to sell this house and move to the new abode once the current home was completed. 2 yrs on and I haven't even started scouting for a nice plan for this new property. Atm, I can't decide if we should build again so we can get rid of the remaining non tax deductible debt(financing for the land) and get more properties which will provide tax relief for C and me via depreciation and investment loans. Or just stay and continue paying the non deductible loan interest and fund investments with current equity.

C is fine either way. He is happily cruising along, earning, while I handle the investing.

To help me decide if we should build a new ppor , we will be visiting display homes in the coming weeks to see if I can find suitable home designs that I can use for our SW facing land.

Or perhaps I should convince C to move to this instead. It will save the headache of redrafting a house plan and I can do a standard design which will accommodate several directional facings. :P

On second thoughts, nah... with water all around, that ain't too good!! :P

*Enthusiasm holds on to our dreams. Persistence makes of the them.*

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